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London is the capital of the United Kingdom and England, as well as the largest European city and one of the four so-called global cities of the world, the other three being New York City, Tokyo, and Paris. What is more, it is the most populous city in the European Union and one of the world’s major centres of business, politics, and cultural life. The main area of London is the northern coast of the river Thames, where you can find a lot of tourist attractions: cinemas, theatres, museums, art galleries and many more.

When visiting London, you can t miss some of its well-known places of interest such as Trafalgar Square, the Tower of London, Hyde Park, the London Eye or the London Bridge. However, if you prefer something more relaxing, then try walking at a leisurely pace around the famous districts in the centre: Westminster, the City of London, West End or Docklands. Thousands of people crowd together there for a walk or a drink. No matter where you go, the British taste is present in every every pub, every bar and every restaurant just around the corner.

Moving around the city is not a big problem; just take the mythic London underground to get anywhere and enjoy the wide range of leisure activities available. Go shopping to the fashionable Harrods department store or get immersed in the local lively night life.

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